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2019 Studio Bookings
Here are our studio actors who have booked so far in 2019!
  1. Jeremy Jordan
    Jeremy Jordan
    Feature Film
  2. Shay Holland
    Shay Holland
    Feature Film
  3. Ofentse Malatse
    Ofentse Malatse
    Web Series
  4. Will Boyd
    Will Boyd
    Student Film
  5. Amanda Kubota
    Amanda Kubota
    ABC Drama
  6. Mason Wells
    Mason Wells
    Network Show, Music Video, Short Films
2018 Studio Bookings
Here are our studio actors who booked in 2018!
  1. Anthony Kung
    Anthony Kung
    Feature Film
  2. Kit Leonard Dennis
    Kit Leonard Dennis
    Feature Film
  3. Elaina Adrianna
    Elaina Adrianna
    Winner Best Actress - Short Film, Short Film
  4. Victor Sarmiento
    Victor Sarmiento
    Short Film
  5. Jeremy Jordan
    Jeremy Jordan
    2 Feature Films
  6. Jonathan Lev
    Jonathan Lev
    Short Film
  7. Audrey Mitchell
    Audrey Mitchell
    Buried in the Back Yard Episode
  8. Dena Navarroli
    Dena Navarroli
    2 Short Films
  9. Portia Backus
    Portia Backus
    Feature Film
  10. Bryan Botero
    Bryan Botero
    Live Action Performance
  11. Morgan Hill
    Morgan Hill
    Short Film
  12. Robert Jekobsen
    Robert Jekobsen
    Alumni Booking Short Film
  13. Suzy Vaughan
    Suzy Vaughan
    We Belong Together
  14. TJ Miller
    TJ Miller
    Short Film
  15. Wayne Julian
    Wayne Julian
    Short Film